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Serial TX only? (no RX)
« on: April 04, 2017, 02:09:17 am »
Hello !

I have a project to build wireless anemometer / wind direction sensor.

So far, I need the following pins:

- 2pin I2C (SDA/SCL) to discuss with a RTC (1Hz reference) counter and ADC (to read wind direction sensor + battery, solar panel etc...)
- 1pin GPIO to Supply or enable my 360° angle sensor.
- 1 interrupt pin to receive 1Hz signal from RTC (used to have accurate check of "millis()" or "micros()".
- 1 interrupt pin to receive anemometer (1 pulse per turn, 1 turn = 4km/h wind).
- 1 TX serial pin to sent data every 3 seconds (I plan to use one for those BLE serial interface.

This will busy the whole 6 pins of the digispark.
I was wondering how I could use only serial "TX", I dont need RX.

By the way, talking about serial.
I have seen this "softwareserial" lib, but didnt tried it yet.

Currently, for debug purpose, I have juste try "Serial.begin(9600)" and it works!
I have a serial output on pb2 (I connect it to my computer with a FTDI serial interface and putty).

is this way to use serial OK ?
Can I change the port ? (as pb2 seems needed by I2C)