Author Topic: !!! PAYING JOB !!! Digispark and scrolling OLED display  (Read 3205 times)


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!!! PAYING JOB !!! Digispark and scrolling OLED display
« on: March 06, 2017, 05:23:20 am »
I'd like to pay someone to do some (what I think should be simple) work for me.
I honestly don't have the time to learn how to code, nor the attention span.

I here is what I want.
I want to use a Digispark, to scroll a message/image across a color 128x36 OLED screen in a loop.
I also want to know if a single Digispark can run this scrolling message on (4) of these OLED screens at the same time??

Here is a link to the screen I want to use
Here is a video of that I want the screen to display

I can get, or create the pixel art to scroll if needed.

I live in Florida and am glad to pay someone a reasonable amount to get this working for me. I will need the full code, and a very basic lesson on how to copy the code to additional Digisparks later.

Feel free to txt me, It's the easiest way to get me. If you want to call, please text me 1st, I don't answer unknown numbers.

Thanks, James  -  239-410-1622


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Re: !!! PAYING JOB !!! Digispark and scrolling OLED display
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2017, 07:05:19 am »
What do you expect from this with a board based on ATTiny ???
Unless you taking care so much about prices. That who sounds really not a right way to have a deal for the programming by someone, hummm ?

Read the electrical specifications of the LCD screens you want to use:
Supply voltage for driving the LCD screen type 14V
Typical 80mA Supply Current

It is already 80mA on 14V, which means close to 240mA on 5V for only one of LCD screen that you plan to use.
And without dealing with many other necessary components.
This means that it's better to take a good power supply, with, at minimum, several outputs like 3V3, 5V (maybe) and 14V.
In this case, why consider taking a board based on ATTiny, when the power unit will be bigger than several of these boards ?

So, staying serious
Why try to find someone who will certainly have a big headache to make code, especially at a reasonable price, as you request. For something that will probably never work with the electrical specifications?
Electronics it's like mathematics and algebra, if you stay logical, things go well, otherwise ...