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DigiX SMOKE! (Dead R.I.P.)

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We'll if you have been following this thread:,2547.msg12236.html#msg12236

you know that I have been trying to resurrect my DigiX by replacing some toasted parts. The buck converter was taken out in a puff of smoke and replacing it only revealed that the 3.3v regulator suffered damage too. While waiting for that part, I've injected 3.3v on the 3.3v rail to no avail. I see a dim power led, about a 1.4A draw and a very hot Amtel MC. So after sleeping on it (not literally), I've decided to call it dead. There's no need to solder down a new voltage regulator. I'll just be once again as disappointed as I was when the new AOX1021 did not fix the problem.

So you ask, how could this happen with nothing attached and how can I avoid this demise? Well, in doing a post-mortem and reflecting on what I was doing at the time of SMOKE, I had switched to a 12V supply at the barrel jack but also had USB connected for uploads. Couple of things most likely contributed to the demise of the DigiX. I suspect that with the USB connected, the soft start feature of the AOX1021 was basically overridden. The PS that I used was rated for 12V but actually shows 16V on a meter at the jack. So, I'm thinking that the higher voltage / in rush current damaged the AOX1021 allowing it to pass 16V to the regulator and on to the 3.3V rail before completely shutting down. And what critical component sits on the 3.3V rail? Hence, death of the DigiX. At least that's my theory.

It's with great sadness that I will morn the loss of my DigiX. My only solace  is knowing that I helped Erik in some small way with his DigiX Kickstarter campaign.

I hope this helps someone else in some small way to avoid the same end. So, into the parts bin ya'go my fair DigiX.

So, what should it be? Mega, Due, or is there a working DigiX laying around doing nothing these days?  I need pins, memory and wifi.

It's really a shame, since the DigiX was really the mother of all microcontroller development boards of its class.

If you have an Oak, you can use a two microcontroller solution.  Have the Oak handle wireless communication, and have it also communicate to another microcontroller that does most of the work or utilizes the pins you need for other things.  If you need more pins than an ATmega328, an ATmega1284 with MightyCore would be my choice.  Otherwise, you might find that an Arduino Mega clone device is cheap enough and with more pins (and more flash).  If you need smaller and are willing to pay ten more bucks, a Teensy++ 2.0 or Teensy 3.5 might be what you're looking for.

I'd go with an Arduino Mega (or clone) + Oak or ESP8266 module, or swap out the Mega for a Teensy++ 2.0 or Teensy 3.5 if physical dimensions are an issue.

Solice, Thanks for the advice on the choices.

Given the number of sensors / types of displays I'm considering, size of code and the need for Wifi, I basically decided that the DigiX was the perfect candidate to develop on and would not limit me while developing. Once done (or at least at a point where I could more closely predict my needs for pins and memory), if it where possible to shoehorn into something smaller than I would, but the DigiX was the ideal development platform for prototyping.

It will be sorely missed. Too bad, Erik is not producing any these days.

It's not an issue of Erik not making this anymore.  The microcontroller that this was based around was discontinued by Atmel  :'(  As a result, I hold onto my DigiX's like they were my children.  I have named them Yumyum, Clyde, and Sue.

That makes me even sadder. Treat them well.


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