Author Topic: When will full functionality be released? Still waiting  (Read 1862 times)


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Previously supported the DigiSpark, jumped at the chance to support Oak.

Now I've got 3 Oak boards sitting here.. waiting until I can use the Particle dashboard to write code and send it to the Oak.

Last time I checked, in order to put a sketch onto the Oak you had to jump hoops, not what I signed up for.

When can we simply update our boards to connect and use the Particle dashboard?

I'm sure there's going to be people who tell me that it's simple and I should just jump through the hoops.  I am sure I can manage, but it's not what I was expecting.  I was expecting to use the RootCloud (then Particle came in) to use a web ide.

Any idea of when this will work as advertised?


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I am very actively working with Particle to make this happen - basically we prepared everything for this to work only to find out that the docs we had based those preparations on are not yet implemented on their end, and there are no docs for how their build farm currently works - so there is a lot of back and forth to get things to work right - they are great to work with, but the Oak is the first product on their cloud that is does not use the same MCU series as their products, and I think that is causing some growing pains on both sides.

Long story short: ASAP, hopefully early to mid next week, and it is our #1 priority until it works. I apologize it is taking so long.


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Firstly, congratulations Erik on the new addition to the family!  :)  :)

Particle Build (IDE) support will be great to have when it's ready, but (correct me if I'm wrong!), I don't think that will mitigate the initial update problem, will it? The initial update will still need to be applied, and then it can be either Particle Build all the way, or Arduino IDE, or combination of both?

Now, T-Roy... I won't say it's simple... (after all there are multiple steps on the wiki support page!!)... but I think it will be unavoidable, and you can play with the Oak using the Arduino IDE in the mean time if you wish. There are a couple of options - online update, local update, serial update. If you want to avoid the whole issues, you could just do the serial update. However, I wouldn't do that until you have tried the initial online update at least twice, as it may just work for you. I found the local update method fixed all of my over the air update issues, so never needed to resort to the serial update. However, I have seen mention of that failing for others, so it isn't foolproof! :D

Looking forward to seeing some cloud IDE support... will be sweet being able to code and program OTA without even needing to be at my own computer!