Author Topic: improved/networked bike computer for trainer  (Read 4380 times)


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improved/networked bike computer for trainer
« on: February 05, 2016, 03:47:38 pm »
I'm thinking the Oak would be perfect for an improved port of my already-working-well bike computer (,1938.0.html):

  • battery monitor: because you hate to lose a workout when your battery dies
  • user input via touchscreen or keypad
  • allow user to select a trainer from list stored in code, or accept user-entered trainer variables
  • allow user to specify units: SI vs imperial
  • allow user to view history
  • allow user to pause/resume workout
  • allow user to save workout
  • compare workout stats to previous workouts
  • manual input of history summary from other bike computers
  • splash screen
  • store pauses, pause duration
  • record ambient temp
  • store workout details on SD card: fine-grained data saved at pre-determined intervals
  • viewing/graphic workout data on web-based interface, or portable devices (using Blynk??)
  • upload workout data to fitness tracker apps, i.e. Runtastic

and whatever else I haven't thought of yet. Thoughts?


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Re: improved/networked bike computer for trainer
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2016, 11:09:19 am »
Sounds awesome! Especially combined with a weather-proof casing. I'd enjoy helping out sometimes, but it won't be very often (having a startup company has it's perks, but spare time definitely aint one of them!).