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SAM DigiX Variant.cpp
« on: January 07, 2016, 09:19:49 am »
Hello, I was looking at the DigiX board which impressively looks like an Arduino DUE went to the gym.  There are similarities to this board and a DUE based board which I am currently working on and both utilize PC20 or physical pin 131 on the ATSAM3X8E processor.  This is a pin which does not get used on the regular Arduino DUE, so there is no definition for it the the sam/variant.cpp file which comes with the download.  However, digistump has used this pin in the variant file which generously is made available here  My question is if there is a way to take advantage of just PC20 on the ATSAM3X8E by modifying the variant.cpp file provided by, similar to how the DigiX board uses PC20?

Thank you in advance, happy new year!