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OAK features
« on: September 24, 2015, 11:51:53 pm »
Hi there,
First of all, thanks for your great job about OAK, I'm the one of first 200 backers and was also a backer on Digispark period, so, let's say I'm a big fan ;-)

I'm very excited to have this product in my hands. I'm currently using some particle devices and also ESP8266 so I know theese products and how to develop for them. And this bring me some questions :
  • Will OAK be able to be used as a simple ESP8266 device and flashed with classic tools such as Arduino-ESP8266 excellent Arduino plugins or I will need to use Particle suite. To be honest I'm not super fan of particle suite (even if they're hardware are pretty good products), for a unique .ino project file it's fine but as soon you got descent project with lot of files and libraries it's a pain. Particle-cli, Web IDE and local compilation does not works the same way. Moreover the fact that you can't have any shared libraries folder with particle dev is a 2nd source of pain. I tried to port u8glib and RadioHead RF libraries, each time, it's quite complicated so I gave up. That's why today I'm moving to Arduino-ESP8266, I can use and share most of my arduino libraries and do all the stuff from Arduino IDE (well compilation and upload, of course I use external IDE). Hoping particle will think about add on to have their compilation stuff integrated to Arduino IDE. So it's really important to me to know how all of this will work with OAK
  • My 2nd one is about the dashboards ? What they're will be ? What technology will be used ? The particle are great but far from free,
Thank you very much for any information
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