Author Topic: Update: Digistump Boards supported in Arduino 1.6.5+, Oak Pre-orders Live!  (Read 12063 times)


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All Digistump Boards (Digispark, Pro, DigiX, and, when it comes out, the Oak) are now supported by Arduino 1.6.5+ via the Boards Manager.

No more separate installer! No more complex updates!

Please see install instructions for how to add Digistump boards to Arduino 1.6.5+ - this will be the official way to install our boards moving forward:


Digispark Pro:


Windows users: The Boards Manager will automatically download and pop-up the driver installer for installing/updating drivers for our boards.

There are also various fixes for the Pro included in this release. TinyWireM library is also updated.

Oak Pre-orders are Live: If you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can still Pre-order the Oak through the webstore at!