Author Topic: Auomatic shutdown my centos server  (Read 3962 times)


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Auomatic shutdown my centos server
« on: June 20, 2015, 08:45:19 am »
I origialy planed this with arduio. Actually arduino is some kid of overkill for my project, i searched and found digispark.

The project idea is somethik like this. There will be relay which will be conected to main line usig 5v adapter. And the 2 digital pins will be conected to the relay as a switch like this . When the main line goes the switch will be on and the circuit will send command to the server using usb or something. In server there will be a scrip which will consantly listening to the port will identify the message and shutdown my server. I used the relay o isolate my circuit from main line.

As i am a web programmer not an electronics genius (had an interest i elecroncs) i have couple of doubts,

1. how to communicate with server? using usb/ txrx ?
2. drivers for connecting to server ?