Author Topic: OAK BETA rewards gone too soon  (Read 4349 times)


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OAK BETA rewards gone too soon
« on: May 08, 2015, 10:01:18 pm »
Erik set up 25 BETA OAK rewards on the Kickstarter as of now there are three left - going faster than I expected.

They are set to ship in July versus September.

They are getting a Beta shield too.  I got the PRO Beta shield and having that early was enlightening and fun.

Getting the Beta OAK early will make waiting for the next 10 in September a little better knowing what they can do.

Some of mine may just be smart network WiFi for other things - but I've got some ideas about tracking stuff around the house - anyone else?

Only one OAK Beta left - promises to be an exciting product - I almost missed the Pro Beta and the OAK is much more for a buck or so less.
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