Author Topic: Very exited about Oak -- will the private cloud be adequately comparable?  (Read 3736 times)


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Hi everyone,

Very exited about oak -- however will the private cloud be adequately comparable in features to the official cloud? Open source has become a phrase of the "sustainable blah blah" rederick recently while at the same time obscuring the fact that what will be offered as one's private cloud won't be the same as the official cloud thereby steering everyone to the official iteration of the cloud (that's right spark core).

So I must ask: will oak's private "open source" cloud provide the same features as the official one. To be specific will it have:

a) web based IDE with the code editor?
b) CLI for automating code push to the oak modules?
c) same inventory and registration control as the official cloud for managing a feet of oaks?



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They local/private cloud and the official cloud will not be exactly identical, but from a feature standpoint they will be close:

Here is what the local cloud will not have:
Distributed data storage
Auto failover
Distributed compiling

In addition the RootCloud server and the web IDE are two separate servers right now, and the IDE depends on lots of services - we'll either release a desktop IDE (like Spark did with their Atom based IDE) or more likely we'll rework our web based IDE to be part of the RootCloud server so it can be used locally and/or standalone.

The goal is to have every platform feature available in an open source package - but that package will be designed for single server standalone use, you can connect a ton of devices to it but you won't be able to point-click-and-launch a 5 million device cloud.

We have no interest in steering anyone to our official cloud, in fact if you don't use it, we save money in resources! Our only interest is making sure it isn't super easy for a company to grab our server and launch their own auto-scaling knockoff - which is a very real concern for us because, for instance, the "Digispark" branded clones from china sell about 10x as many as the official Digisparks - and so many of them don't work that over half of the support emails I answer are from people who bought these fake devices and can't get them to work.


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Good info - a robust cloud will be nice - but not always available.  And having it local seems like it will fit a large number of use cases - having even minimal but full support coverage.


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Thank you!

Yes that was good info. The scalability limitation IMHO is a valid "carrot" and acceptable as a proprietary feature. As long as web based IDE is to be part of the RootCloud server that goes far beyond the Atom way of solving this issue! LOL try pointing the Atom IDE to your own cloud which is the same anyway just running under another AWS account... but IMHO it is deliberately meant to be difficult to hook up with a cloud NOT running under their AWS account...