Author Topic: Linux kernel-mode i2c firmware on github  (Read 2858 times)


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Linux kernel-mode i2c firmware on github
« on: April 08, 2015, 07:11:59 am »

This is a cut&paste of Till Harbaum's i2c_tiny_usb device for Linux into the LittleWire firmware tree, forked from . This port is useful because there has been a Linux i2c_tiny_usb kernel driver since ~2006.

i2c_tiny_usb requires a 12MHz crystal not present in LittleWire. The LW hardware uses an internal 16.5MHz system clock calibrated from USB timing instead. (I would not use the LittleWire hardware in places where temperature/clock drift was a concern.)

Note that you will need to edit usbconfig.h to set proper vendor/device IDs.

It's possible to build a kernel driver for LittleWire directly, but the USB interrupt endpoint model complicates error handling.