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Can't Upload Program

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Do you have more than one Digispark? If so, have you tried a second one?

When you plug it in and leave it for about 10+ seconds does the LED on it start to blink? (The power LED should stay solid, a second LED should blink)

srz2 I had to use a powered USB hub.

I believe the issue with USB 3.0 on recent retina macbook pro to be that the USB port is quite a bit deeper in to the case than on previous mac laptops. This is what I observed on a friend\'s retina macbook pro, and a usb extension cable or hub had it working fine. On freezing, this seems to be happening during the compile process, not the upload - because it also happens when you try and verify the program. Hopefully digistump or arduino can find a fix for this weirdness. :)

@digistump : I have three in my order and I tried using a different one. Same issues

@RussNelson : I am using a USB extender but I will try a hub when I can

@Bluebie : I used an USB extender but I still observe the same issues. The freezing issues still persist

Any other comments or ideas would be appreciated. This problem is still ongoing

@srz2 - if you plug one in and leave it (not trying to upload or anything) does it begin to blink?

I know you\'ve answered this but to confirm have you tried the rear ports on a windows desktop with no cable of any kind?


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