Author Topic: New IDE Release for All Digistump Boards (Digispark, Pro, and DigiX) - 1.5.8C  (Read 9410 times)


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Our latest software release of the Digistump Arduino IDE fixes all the known issues with the Pro and its libraries - there are tons of fixes and new stuff in it - but here are a few highlights:

New OLED library (DigisparkOLED) that works really well.
Full PWM support on pins 0-4 and 8 including special functions for the pins that share PWM channels:
Improved DigiCDC serial library and wiki page for it:
Lots of various library and example fixes including mouse and robot.
Mesh example
RC Navy has contributed updated TinyPinChange and associated libraries to support the Pro
Special thanks to RC Navy and Defragster - and everyone helping find bugs on the forums!

Get it:
Digispark Pro: