Author Topic: Serious error with wifi shield -- read before you start soldering!  (Read 1921 times)


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I followed the instructions on the wiki page and I'm pretty sure I did everything is right. 

By default, when the USR-WIFI232-T is powered on it will create a wifi access point called USR-WIFI232-T.  If you connect to it and go to (usr/pw admin/admin) it will take you to a settings page allowing you to alter the various settings. 

Problem is that my wifi shield didn't power up the chip.  When I took a multimeter to it the extra 5v, 3.3v and ground pins all showed what they are supposed to.  But when I checked the ground pin for the module it read 3.3v! 

I know the chip works because if I connect 3.3v and ground direction to the little tiny pins it launches the access point. 

If anyone else put their board together could you check to see if it's powered up properly?  I have no idea where I might have made a mistake, or if the mistake is with the shield.  The ground pin for the wifi module is the one closest to pin 13 (has the square).