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standalone IoT over the wifi
« on: June 03, 2014, 08:36:02 am »
Hi, first post.
I have just started to test my digiX, the thing I was wondering about is the new aWOT library for arduino Due and mega for standalone internet of things (litterary, because no computer server backbone is neccesery for handling sockets and such) so any tablet, phone etc with a webbrowser can interact.
What I need is pointers for starting to test this thing and to know if it compiles with the wifi onboard, I see he has provided cc3000 library and ethernetshield examples.
My programming skillz are not more than a noob level, so if anyone can test this library for me and give me some starting pointers, I would be very happy  ;)

My goals are 1 controlling 433mhz lights for my house, some neopixels strip and 2 control of my greenhouse (watering, temp monitoring..)