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DigiX library problem
« on: April 27, 2014, 09:32:35 am »
I have been trying to build a CanBus project on the DigiX for an OBD-II reader/monitor.
Bought a Jaycon CANBus Shield and downloaded their Arduino library from

The problem comes from trying to compile the example OBDIIReader sketch:
When I compile with a recent (1.5.6) beta IDE, I get DigiX support and all example and own sketches build, load, and run fine, but the OBDIIReader (and other examples) fail to compile, throwing this error:
OBDIIReader.ino:7: fatal error: avr/io.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

One suggestion from the Jaycon Arduino forum was to use a non-beta IDE, so I downloaded 1.0.5 and re-installed there the DigiX extensions (drivers and hardware files). Then, the OBDIIReader sketch compiles completely, but the IDE doesn't recognize the DigiX under Boards.

So, I can either compile the code, but for the wrong board/microcontroller, or get board support, but can't compile!

Under both versions of the IDE, I can manually locate \avr\io.h in the same relative location:
There is no \avr\io.h under \hardware\digistump so maybe that's what it's looking for, but I have no idea what it needs in detail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

p.s.:  Same error in mcp2515.c finding <util/delay.h>
It was masked y the compiler not finding <avr/io.h> first.

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