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Digispark source files!
« on: January 05, 2013, 01:01:30 am »
UPDATE: Source files for the Digispark and all products that we provide them for are now located on the individual product pages on our webstore at - under the resources tab.

Software files can be found here:

DigiSpark Original::
DigiSpark Pro::

The Digispark source files (eagle format) are now available from your order status pages. They will be available to the public semi-soon but we wanted to try to get Digisparks in our backers hands before just anyone can go make their own.

Go to your order status page (don't know how:, scroll to the bottom, and download!

Shield files are almost ready to go up as well, stay tuned for those (we'll probably just release them on the wiki).

Thanks for your patience!

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