Author Topic: Noob question - DigiX and Websockets  (Read 2417 times)


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Noob question - DigiX and Websockets
« on: April 06, 2014, 08:36:39 am »

Just getting used to the DigiiX and I have a project where I want to communicate with a BeagleBone using either or WebSockets. I have tried Bill Roy's library ( and Krohling's Websocket library ( and I can't seem to get either to work. I have tried to update them to use the DigiFi library (my DigiX wifi is all configured and working fine), but it seems like they hang up on doing:

client.connect(server, port);

It seems like in the library files, there is this statement:

EthernetClient _client;

But I can't find a direct equivalent in the DigiFi library.

Any suggestions? Having a Websocket or library tailored for the DigiX would really open up a ton of projects!



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Re: Noob question - DigiX and Websockets
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2014, 12:07:31 am »
I also need a WebSocket solution and was planning to do the same thing you did so I am really interested in how this turns out.

I have just been through a similar exercise updating the Webduino libraries to use the DigiFi (as opposed to EthernetServer+EthernetClient from the standard Arduino distribution). It has been a bit of hit or miss, with very unreliable WiFi connections, it seems the connection is not closed or is lost and the browsers get stuck waiting forever for my page to slowly load (first the html, then a js file, then a css file sometimes, then a jpeg or two, then a few more, etc.).