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SerialUSB for all AVR
« on: March 28, 2014, 10:30:36 am »
Inspired by the announcement of the upcoming  digispark PRO, I was really curious, whats possible.

From my search in the internet I found two promising projects:

Virtual COM Port over Low-Speed USB
This seems to be very close, to the announcement. Albeit it implements something like an FTDI replacement, using an attiny or similar chip.
It requires libusb in Windows and implements as a real COM-port.
It needs to be reworked, to act as a library.

Another approach, needs no windows driver, however it is not compatible with standard terminal solutions and programs.

So I am very curious on the digistump solution.  Sounds like a library based solution related to the first linked solution.

Something like that will really move the digispark family a big step ahead!