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DigiX clean schematic


I have started a Due / DigiX area on my gighub, see  Right now it holds only a cleaned up schematic of the DigiX board.  Hopefully soon I will put up my ethernet and fpga stuff.

Thanks, that looks perfect! I wished, that this was available, when I started my pinout documentation!

can you mark the Solder Jumpers, which are closed by default as closed?  I think, that this would help a lot.
As far as I know, SJ1, SJ6 and SJ7 are connected by default.  But that needs to be double checked.

May be better to just edit the png file.  While I downloaded eagle 6.5 to clean this, there seems to be a jumble of libraries the parts were pulled from (which I don't care to hunt down) so I don't want to edit any connectivity things without being able to do a electrical check.

I have included this information into my Pin documentation, together with pictures of the real solder jumpers.
That way identification should be much easier.


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