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WiFi and TCP terminal sessions
« on: February 17, 2014, 06:36:06 am »
I have been using TeraTerm (v4.78) to connect in a TCP session with the DigiX WiFi, works well.  For the TeraTerm connection, connect using TCP port 8899, "other" service and Protocol IPv4.  In your sketch open the Serial1 port with the same baud as set in the "other" option of the WiFi module web config page (I'm using 115.2K).  WiFi "other" also has: TCP Server, port 8899.  Work mode is AP+STA (for now).  I wrote a y-modem lib to transfer files back and forth, works well.  Using a protocol like y-modem, helps with no CTSRTS handshaking on the Serial1 since the ACK/NAK requirement of packets will pace the transmissions.  I never thought I would have looked at the x-modem/y-modem protocol spec. again.