Author Topic: BMP085 Readings off using Digix by Digistump  (Read 10546 times)


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Re: BMP085 Readings off using Digix by Digistump
« Reply #15 on: February 23, 2014, 11:56:04 pm »
... First Image shows results are identical! ...
Perfect. That shows, that there are no problems with 32-bit vs. 8-bit arithmetic in the library. As the library is using with the sanity-check fixed values.

Next step, you can reset sanity back to ZERO and run the test again.  That should bring the same values again, however now with real data for the BMP085.

If there should be a bigger difference than +-3%, that I would start researching the I2C connection, resistors, ...

Next step would be to debug your own code which transforms the metric values to Imperial values. Maybe there is a hidden 8/32bit problem.