Author Topic: Gameduino2 library - general Arduino IDE library question  (Read 8695 times)


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Gameduino2 library - general Arduino IDE library question
« on: January 23, 2014, 10:51:58 pm »
I've hooked up a Gameduino2 to the DigiX and i've hacked the GD2 library a bit and managed to get it working.  So far so good!

Anyway, I took out the EEPROM stuff to get it working and now i'm trying to put it back in and get it to use the Extended_EEPROM library however i'm having troubles getting it to compile. 

I have the library i'm using/modifying in the "<sketchbook-dir>/libraries/Gameduino2" directory.

I have the DigiX customisations to Arduino IDE 1.5.5 in the "<arduino-dir>/hardware/digistump/..." directory.

Whenever I try to include the Extensive_EEPROM.h I get a compile error in the library.  I can run the example extensive EEPROM and GD2 sketches without any problems however.  If I copy the library into the same directory it works.

I realise this is more of an Arduino IDE question than a DigiX question but i've done some Google searching already and not found anything that doesn't involve me copying the library into the directory so I thought i'd check in case someone knew the solution.