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[FIXED!] Weird Serial/WiFi issues

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I'm having a weird issue with the serial port.

After uploading a sketch with serial output enabled, the serial monitor doesn't show anything at all,
I can only get it to work by deleting the DigiX COM port from the device manager, unplugging the DigiX and plugging it in again, but only until I upload a new sketch.

I'm using the DigiX Hardware files and DigiX Drivers on Windows 8.1 x64

Also, the WiFi module aswell only seems to work together with

--- Code: ---//DigiX trick - since we are on serial over USB wait for character to be entered in serial terminal
    Serial.println("Enter any key to begin");
--- End code ---

in setup() and this procedure. As soon as I remove the "DigiX trick", it doesn't  respond anymore (using the "ServerExample" or the arduino_to_thingspeak example) except for it's builtin webinterface.

The first issue I've seen too with Arduino IDE 1.5.5 in general (not DigiX specific) - and for that reason don't have a fix, it just went away the next day - do you see it with other boards in the same IDE if you have others?

For the DigiX try putting a delay say delay(1000); (or more) at the start where the Serial waiting was - the wifi module might not be starting fully before you try to talk to it.

I added a delay of 5000ms to setup, now it works, thanks :)

I'll try an old Arduino Mega 2560 later and see how that behaves.

Edit: no serial issues with the Mega 2560, maybe it's caused by the whole flash erasing, writing and board reseting process the newer boards use.

Do you have a second machine you can test the serial thing on? I see no way it could be the device - but it'd be nice to confirm if it was the IDE/computer.

Old MacBook Pro (late 2007) with OS X Mavericks - Serial working perfectly, can upload sketches and directly access the Serial Monitor to get the output.

Same PC as Windows 8.1 with Linux Mint 16 x64 - similar serial problems as on windows

Gonna try Win 7 x64 on a different Machine later
Edit: exactly the same serial problems there.


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