Author Topic: DigiX WiFi - looks different than the pictures  (Read 3206 times)


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DigiX WiFi - looks different than the pictures
« on: December 07, 2013, 01:14:12 pm »
I recently got my DigiX, and upon inspecting it noticed that the WiFi module looks different than in the latest pictures from the Kickstarter updates. Same general shape, but it is missing the sticker and the connector for an external antenna.

I sent Erik a post on Kickstarter, and he got back to me quickly with an explanation. Short story, the module is still the same one, just with some visual differences from the manufacturing process. I offered to post his response here in case anyone else had similar concerns:

The connectors missing seems to have been a miscommunication with the
factory, it affected all of them (except the first samples, which are of
course what I had approved) and I wasn't told - I found out when they
arrived here.

The missing sticker was because those stickers can't survive the reflow
ovens - the MAC is available via the API - you can see the commands to get
and change it in the library files.

If you follow the WiFi setup instructions, you'll see the MAC listed on one of the setup pages, so it is pretty easy to find if you need it. He also mentioned that there are API commands to get it from the libraries. The explanation for the missing sticker makes sense. The missing antenna connector is unfortunate, but the pads are there and even prepped with a bit of solder it looks like, so it shouldn't be too terribly difficult to add the connector if you need it.

Now if I can just get the drivers installed on Win8, I'll be all set to start having fun.  :D