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There seem to be some issues with Retina Mac Book Pros - either not seeing the Digispark at all, or it causing the system to hang. I am pretty certain these are related to the USB 3.0 ports used entirely on the Retina MBP - these are suppose to be backward compatible but other device makers have started to have issues as well, some issues are caused by drivers, some firmware, and some because of the plug design or other electrical issues.

The best solution at this point is to plug your Digispark into a USB hub - USB 2.0 or lower - which seems to solve the issues.

I do not have a Retina Mac Book Pro at this point, but I do have a computer with several USB 3.0 ports on it and I'll be doing some testing soon to see if I can isolate the cause and any possible solutions.

In the meantime please post anything related to Retina MBP compatibility here.


If anyone with a Retina MBP is reading this can you please try the following:

Plug a Digispark into the Retina MBP USB port using a USB extension cable - does that work any better? (This would mean it is related to the plug)

I\'ve seen issues when using an extension cable. I can test some of the various cables/hubs I have to see if there\'s some sort of pattern.

@buffington - it seemed other Retina MBP users couldn\'t get it to work at all, I think a good extension could help that as it might be the plug of the Digispark contacting the USB 3.0 pins - but with yours working I\'d think that an extension would cause more issues, as generally we recommend not to use one since most are cheap and cause too much of a voltage drop.

I just tested on a PC with USB 3.0 ports and it worked, but it is a tower computer so you can\'t push it in as far as with a laptop, which would prevent contact with the USB 3.0 specific pins.

We also could be dealing with a driver issue with the USB 3.0 controller - which might be more related to your issues, the hub would fix it because the hub is then the controller. I only think that is a possibility because I\'ve seen that some people have issues with USB 2.0 sound devices on Retina MBP because of the controller that is used.

Let us know if you find a pattern that works! - Thanks for experimenting with it!

Here\'s something that consistently happens when connected directly or with an extension (but not with a hub):

1. With the Digispark unplugged, upload a program.
2. When prompted, plug the Digispark in.
3. The MBP\'s trackpad will become unresponsive while the program is uploaded to the Digispark and remain unresponsive for as long as a minute.

Looking at, I see a handful of these messages that correspond with the period of inactivity:

12/30/12 9:08:08.000 PM kernel[0]: AppleUSBMultitouchDriver::_deviceGetReport - DeviceRequest for reportID 0x0 returned with result 0xe000404f - retrying


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