Author Topic: a pre orderer noob asks...  (Read 2373 times)


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a pre orderer noob asks...
« on: November 14, 2013, 04:40:57 am »
Hi everyone at digistump. :)
My name is Steve. I've per ordered a digiX after finding out about it from Google searching arduino WiFi. Basically I am working on a final year uni project that uses an android tab to send data from a GUI to an arduino based synth engine via Bluetooth. However, Bluetooth is only one of the options I am exploring. Enter digiX with its built in WiFi!
I've not used arduino WiFi before but I'm hoping to switch from Bluetooth to WiFi and make us of open sound control to send synth parameter changes from android using processing for android and the ketai library to a synthesis engine built on the Digix. So what I'd like to know is, would it be possible to use the current OSC libraries for arduino using the digiX WiFi? I.e can the WiFi setup handle sending and receiving all data types continuously?
And of course, do you have a definite ship date yet? I ordered mine about a month ago..
Can't wait to use this board and get the most out of it. Cheers for now.
Steve. :)