Author Topic: How to factory reset the DigiX Wifi module?  (Read 5941 times)


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How to factory reset the DigiX Wifi module?
« on: December 31, 2015, 11:59:58 am »
Short version: what is the normal procedure to factory reset the wifi module to its default parameters?

Long version: I got 2 DigiX boards last year. I used one for a project with no issues, using both the AP and STA wifi modes. It was easy and trivial to configure. I'm now trying to use the second board in another project.

The first thing I did was change the wifi AP settings to change the SSID and enable AES, as I did on the previous board. I also changed the wifi channel to not be the same as what I'd use on the STA mode later on (or so I thought.) That worked well and after a reset I could see the new SSID show up on my phone. However I realized 3 issues:
- first I mixed up the channel and the Wifi Analyzer on my Android phone shows it on the same channel as my home router,
- second no matter what I do I can't connect using the AES password I used, I can't find the correct password for it, phone tells me it get trying to connect. It does not mention that authorization is wrong, which is odd.  :-\
- third I realized I had set it in AP+STA mode (with AP and STA on the same channel, booh.)

OK not what I wanted and I can't access it via the AP mode.
Easy, I just reset the whole thing and start over, right?
So now I want to factory-reset the wifi module and configure it again.

First making sure wifi is enabled. Checked. Jumper on. I see the custom AP SSID on my network.

Looking at the, it seems I can set nReload to GND for 1 second or more and reset it. nReload should be pin 45 on the wifi module or the 4th one on the right side, with an obvious pullup (as expected from the USR doc.)
However grounding it does nothing -- I still see my custom SSID AP on the network, whereas I was expecting it to go back to DIGIX or the USR one. And it still requires a password.

The other thing I tried is reset it using a sketch, since I can run that. But that doesn't seem to do anything either so I must be doing it wrong:

Code: [Select]
DigiFi _wifi;
void setup() {
    _wifi.begin(9600); // or 115200, no difference
    Serial.println("**** WIFI current mode + AP key *****");
    Serial.println("**** WIFI reset AP *****");
    _wifi.setAPParams("11BGN", "DIGIX", "C1");
    _wifi.setAPKey("OPEN", "NONE", "");
    Serial.println("**** WIFI reset END *****");

The serial prints take a while and display empty strings. Sounds like a serial timeout to me.

Any suggestion of the proper way to factory reset the wifi module on the DigiX?


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Re: How to factory reset the DigiX Wifi module?
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2016, 04:41:41 pm »
Looking at the, it seems I can set nReload to GND for 1 second or more and reset it.

I just did this and it worked, module has been reset to factory defaults.