Author Topic: "Exclusive Offer for Double Backers" speculation  (Read 10644 times)


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Re: "Exclusive Offer for Double Backers" speculation
« Reply #15 on: September 03, 2013, 09:02:47 pm »
@digistump I do see these - how are the Ebay ones better? Twice the price with an exteranl anntenna port.
And while there I saw these Rx Tx units in a 5 pack for $7 :
Running from a PRO would be fine for me to wait.
Having bought two DigiX systems - though I wasn't a "KStart" double backer having missed that - if I were offered the chance to upgrade after the fact to support the effort I'd probably sign up - especially if I had to keep it secret.  Or Maybe they'll go to the first 10 folks who support the SparkPro effort?
I have power to a shed by drive #2 and the garage can see up a bit on drive #1 - and the drives are about 150 feet apart - that would get me some advance notice - and take 5 units easily enough.


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Re: "Exclusive Offer for Double Backers" speculation
« Reply #16 on: September 03, 2013, 09:28:08 pm »
The bonus kits I was talking about are the ones that come with the Beta package (valued at around $50+) - not the double backer bonus - which has yet to be announced and will be available for sale to anyone who wasn't a double backer. SO you'll be able to grab one of those.

The one I linked to on ebay has a power amplifier and is capable of 1km by some reports - with an external antenna - so it is the amped version of what we sell. The cool thing about the nRF units versus what you linked to on ebay is the nRFs are transceivers which are useful even for one way data because they can keep sending until the next node acknowledges that it received the signal - very useful when pushing the limits or reliability is a priority.


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Re: "Exclusive Offer for Double Backers" speculation
« Reply #17 on: September 10, 2013, 03:52:23 pm »
ohh a nRF shield for the digispark would be really neat (remote temp, door whatever sensor or switch/controller).

@digistump I'd pay for an extra beta exclusive unit :P I initially only ordered one beta but changed my mind but by than all betas was gone so added a extra regular unit (pst also a doublebacker besides beta buyer ;) )

/ Eje
#43 ;)


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Re: "Exclusive Offer for Double Backers" speculation
« Reply #18 on: December 03, 2013, 10:36:16 am »
Just got my package in. The Exclusive offer for double backers is a single PCB shield adapter that allows you to drop a Digispark shield onto the much larger DigiX.

I'm going to need one more for my 2nd DigiX soon :)