Author Topic: Temp control using 433 MHz Wireless Remotes  (Read 9322 times)


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Temp control using 433 MHz Wireless Remotes
« on: February 13, 2013, 08:57:07 pm »
This project was designed to control 433MHz Wireless mains Outlets, using a DS18B20.
It allows the connection of an I2C LCD to see the temperature, and a pushbutton to operate a third outlet in either timed or toggle mode.

The basis of this was an earlier Arduino project, using the RCSwitch code from these kind people, and eliminates that messy problem of interfering with mains wiring, and the associated 'hazards' if not properly executed.

The RCSwitch software will communicate with a number of types, but on this side of the world we need to use electrical equipment that has been tested, hence a locally available product was chosen.

For NZ/AUS the Watts Clever brand are available at Jaycar and some other retailers for $53 (or less) for 3 Outlets plus a remote.
This compares well with SSR or relays and their associated interface, box, and cords .... and they need wires for control.

The same item is available in the US through the Watts clever store.

Included in the zip file is the modified version of RCSwitch (to reduce the size for Digispark).
I have included a spreadsheet of other codes that have been tested and work.
(If you use codes above 3, you'll need to program the Outlet using something other than the remote, and I suggest the pushbutton can be used.)

The code isn't perfect, but I've run out of time, and have other more pressing projects.
Digispark is an ideal platform for this project, and this brings together One Wire, I2C and external data transmission.

A logical extension to this, would be to have the 433Mhz transmitter send the raw data for capture elsewhere......

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Re: Temp control using 433 MHz Wireless Remotes
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2013, 08:53:07 am »

Just trying to understand the interface to the remote control here - are you just wiring into the pins of the remote transmitter module or have you hooked up a 433Mhz transmitter chip to the Digi ?

if so could you give some details on that one please ?



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Re: Temp control using 433 MHz Wireless Remotes
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2013, 02:42:41 am »
The schematic shows the connection to a standard 433Mhz Tx that are readily available.
Depending on which manufacturer, the data pin may vary but was pin 2 in my tx.

The RCSwitch library sends out pulses which the modules respond to and switch On (or Off).
The spreadsheet shows the codes for more than just the three on the remote.