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Digispark (Original) Support / Problem running script on Digispark
« Last post by Olegus on June 05, 2019, 01:44:28 pm »
Arduino 1.8.9, Mac OS X 10.14.5 on MacBook Pro Early 2015

Problem: I've did the instructions here: to start working with the board. I have it successfully recognized and software gets uploaded, but at the end it still failes to start:
> Starting the user app ...
>> Run error -1 has occured ...
>> Please unplug the device and restart the program.

Tried restarting the Mac, reconnecting the device (wating >5 seconds) - no luck. I only get one red LED constantly on. Googling and searching this forum of Error -1 - no results :(
Digispark (Original) Support / ac analogue input
« Last post by drspastic on June 04, 2019, 04:03:34 am »
hi, i want to make a project to analyse the ac power consumption and have 2 pickup coils for generation and consumption.
is digispark powerful enough to take these two 0-300mv 50hz signals and software rectify them into variables (ultimately a single variable denoting difference) to work with another section of code, or if cpu power is all used, another digispark.
the idea is to directly read the coils because a digispark, even 2 or 3 are still cheaper than a set of instrumentation amplifier or precision rectifier circuit.
Glad to see that the wiki is still active. I'm about to de-Particle my Oaks and get them to be useful. Thanks to all for the guidance - wish me luck!
Hello all,

I searched the forum, but seems like nobody is having this problem.
I have been getting this error msg in Arduino IDE for some time now:

Error downloading

Digistump boards have disappeared from the board list and and "Digistump AVR Boards" is gone from boards manager/contributed.

I have tried deleting and re-writing the URL line from Files/Preferences/Additional Boards Manager ULSs
I have tried adding the redirected URL
Both resulted with the "Error downloading..." msg.

Both URL's open fine in my browser, so I know the json file is there...

What's going on ??
Digispark (Original) Support / PS/2 Touchpad to USB mouse
« Last post by Noir_CZ on May 23, 2019, 06:33:41 am »

TL;DR: Having problems with communication of old PS/2 touchpad with digispark.

I salvaged an old touchpad from broken laptop and becuase of the age it was no brainer that the interface was PS/2. I managed to figure out which pins are which.
I managed to find that someone already did this with arduino.

Link to their project:
Link to the code:

Their code is barebones, in fact it doesn't even use the few PS/2 libraries for arduino that are around. Or rather if I udnerstood it right it butchers one to make it minimalistic. Poitn is, it work on my Chinese knockoff of arduino nano. It collects the data from the PS/2 touchpad and sends it onto serial monitor. I even stitched together a java program that monitors the serial line and via robot class turns it to mouse movement and button click.
I thought that it would be nicer to have it without the external java program, so I decided to buy digispark. Then again, even if it is... was, since I already bricked it, bought in good old brick'n'mortar shop it may have been a clone, sicne the pin 5 worked as reset.

Anyway, drivers and all that I managed fine, uploading a custom sketch to make the onboard LED blink a SOS signal to verify I can upload codes alright.

I then deleted the Serial communication from the program, since digispark can't do it natively and thought I would replace it with DigiMouse.move() command to make the mouse move.  And of course change the pins from 5 and 6 to 0 and 2, since 5 did reset and 1 is the LED.

Problem is it never worked. Well 5% worked. It always felt like the digispark just stopped communicating with the touchpad after cycle or two. Because when I uploaded the program (about 50% of the memory used) and started moving finger over the touchpad in circles sometimes the mouse cursor would jerk or make half circle and then stop.

I even managed to find someone else's project about PS/2 on digispark: But the result was sadly the same.

I may have second touchpad available to try, in case it is HW problem, but then again, it worked perfectly fine with the arduino nano clone. Maybe it is question of timing, and the digispark can't keep the relatively strict times needed for the communication. Or maybe somehow there is I dunno, memory overflow?
I tried to moving the definitions of variables out of the loop() in case that was the culprit.
I tried shortening and lengthening the delay at the end of the loop().
I tried changing the delay() to DigiMouse.delay(), not sure if I can somehow change the others too sicne those are in micros.
I tired changing the pins... I think that is what killed the spark, since in one case I put one of the CLK or DATA from the touchpad to the USB data line on digispark and it made it report to my OS as unrecognized device, stopped accepting new programs and then stopped reporting completely - going to buy new one today.

Does anyone have any ideas why would such thing happen?

Thanks for your respone.
Digispark Project Ideas / Use Digispark to erase flash drive?
« Last post by THX11384EB on May 22, 2019, 07:36:31 pm »
Would it be possible to use a Digispark to erase/format USB flash drives? Or is that something too complicated for such a small device?
Just an update: Converted 4 of 5 built Oaks to non-Particle generic ESP8266s and couldn't be happier.  They are all up and running doing their job as monitors for weather, garage door, and an aggregate OLED display of all their feeds through Thingspeak and control via Blynk.  Gone are the fights and failures with Particle OTA. Now I can focus on developing again. The only reason the 5th one has not been converted is I need a temperature probe to complete a pool temp monitor. My old one bit the dust. Also, have 5 more new Oaks looking for something to do.

If you are still fighting Particle, convert. It's not that hard. Be sure to back up your Oaks and keep a record of the device IDs just in case the Particle stuff is fixed down the road.

Digispark Projects / Re: Charlieplex Kit Marquee Code
« Last post by pckk on May 20, 2019, 09:56:13 pm »
Digispark Projects / Re: USB connected LCD
« Last post by pckk on May 20, 2019, 09:55:44 pm »
Ok thanks
Digispark Pro Support / Re: DigiCDC
« Last post by pitchakorn on May 20, 2019, 09:53:33 pm »
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