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Oak Support / Re: "official" ESP8266 Arduino Core support
« Last post by DrJFM on June 16, 2021, 08:35:32 am »
I still had a couple OAK modules that I had not converted to standard 8266 boards.  Can attest to the simplicity of the process using latest 8266 Board Manager downloads (Version 3.0.0). 

The Oak seems to be a very stable and useful 8266 once rid of the particle BS.  I may see if they still sell new ones.

I used an Arduino UNO with the ATMEL MPU removed as the USB to serial board. Have also used a more standard USB to serail bridge board in the past. Oak powered up by separate micro USB cable not using serial board to assure no 3.3v to 5V issues. Connected a common ground. Four wires(P2 on Oak to ground on Arduino, cross the Tx and Rx wires, and a ground to ground connection).

I spent about 5 min converting the last two "old" Oaks today vs many hours reading, searching and getting set up in the past w python etc.  Anyone else still w "particle" oaks should convert now. LED_BUILTIN is on pin 5 in converted Oak.
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