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Digispark Projects / Re: Digispark Keylogger
« Last post by Hazardous33040 on October 15, 2018, 11:50:08 am »
I believe the code is
for arduino.

Here is the reference link:
Digispark (Original) Support / Re: Soldering usb cable to Digispark
« Last post by granzeier on October 12, 2018, 12:39:24 pm »
I figure that you already know, but in case you forgot: you will also need to connect the +V and -V (+5 and ground) lines - unless you are providing power elsewhere.
Can you cut the +5V line to the Digispark, and insert an ammeter? You could then use one program to exercise the board (maybe just an empty loop,) and record the baseline current reading. Then run your sleeping program, take the new current reading, and compare it to the baseline.
Digispark (Original) Support / Digispark not reconized
« Last post by Jni on October 06, 2018, 02:29:02 pm »
My digispark was working fine a while but today I wanted to do something with it but when plugging to the computer it not reconized it I tried it on another computer it work fine. I search on internet I find that on Arduino 1.6.6 and higher you need to install driver I installed the driver not working tried uninstalling the unreconized peripheral, reinstalling driver, reinstalling didn't work. After I have uninstalled the driver and Arduino to installed Arduino 1.6.5 it work only one time I unplug and plug it back not working anymore. After reading on the Internet I found that windows backup driver I found file that I think it the driver and delete them now the code that was on it execute but I can't program it with the arduino. Thanks for the help
Digispark (Original) Support / How can I pass keystrokes from a server?
« Last post by koalamugger on October 04, 2018, 12:24:05 am »
Essentially, what I want to do is the following:

I want the digispark to determine exactly which version operating system it is plugged into in order to to determine which keystrokes I want the digispark to use as a payload (no, not like some kind of virus)

Essentially, for each possible OS it will approach its goal differently and possibly pull the keystrokes it needs to emulate from some kind of internal storage that I can add or, even better, an online repository that I can update as needed.

The big draw for me is being able to use the digisparks keyboard emulation while having at least a little logic so that I can plug into any machine and it works as necessary.
Digispark Libraries / rfreceiver.h library problem
« Last post by ahmadasadi on October 01, 2018, 04:02:37 am »
hi  everybody
i want to use rfreceiver.h library in digispark.
i used rftransmitter.h with digiaprk and it works well but
rfreceiver.h doesn't work.
my code is :
#include <PinChangeInterruptHandler.h>
#include <RFReceiver.h>

// Listen on digital pin 2
RFReceiver receiver(2);

void setup() {

void loop() {
  char msg[MAX_PACKAGE_SIZE];
  byte senderId = 0;
  byte packageId = 0;
  String str="Hello World!";
  byte len = receiver.recvPackage((byte *)msg, &senderId, &packageId);
  if((String)msg == str)


and transmitter code is :
#include <RFTransmitter.h>

#define NODE_ID          1
#define OUTPUT_PIN       1

// Send on digital pin 11 and identify as node 1
RFTransmitter transmitter(OUTPUT_PIN, NODE_ID);

void setup() {}

void loop() {
  char *msg = "Hello World!";
  transmitter.send((byte *)msg, strlen(msg) + 1);

  transmitter.resend((byte *)msg, strlen(msg) + 1);

anybody pls help me
thanks a lot
Digispark (Original) Support / Pin voltage issues
« Last post by Simon C on September 29, 2018, 01:20:56 pm »
Hi everyone!

I'm new to digispark world

I have to use three Digispark shields for a project that needs all the 6 Pin of the board. I downloaded the libraries and programmed the shields; the program runs correctly (tested on Arduino too) and everything work fine, but digispark imposes apparently random voltages on Pin 3 and Pin 5 (when they aren't used too). In particular, I noticed about 3V on pin 3 and 4.3 V on pin 5 for EACH ONE of the three boards. I've tried to work on those pins in the setup function but nothing's changed, they still keep those voltages as "starting values". Of course, that inhibids the digispark (and the project) functionality!

Someone knows why? How can I solve this problem?

Thank you for your time!

Digispark (Original) Support / Soldering usb cable to Digispark
« Last post by Amu0373 on September 26, 2018, 01:12:56 am »
Hi, I want to solder an usb cable to the digispark. I couldn't find any example of it. But looking at schematics I think the following will work:

Solder the usb cable wires directy to the digispark:
Data+ of cable to D3
Data- of cable to D4

Could someone confirm or have a picture as an example?

Thanks, Alex.
Hi All,

I am configuring PB2/P2 (external interrupt pin) for the interrupt based wake up and waiting for the interrupt with button press.

Board is powered by 5V supply (and not through USB), all the configurations is done in setup() itself and I am not using loop() at all. Therefore, expectation is the board should go into sleep mode while running idle thread and should wake up with interrupt.

Everything is working fine but I am not sure whether board is really going into sleep mode or not and how to check if board is in sleep state?

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