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Title: GLCD's [Solved]
Post by: Docedison on September 14, 2013, 10:02:56 am
What works and what doesn't? I have a couple of old unbuffered mega shields that use a 20 K series resistor for the level conversion, can I use them (with suitable changes) on my Digix?
It turns out that any shield that works on a Mega will work on the Digix, minding of course that any I/O must be 3V3 including touch/SD card I/O. Both the buffered Itead ITBD02-2.1 and the earlier Elecfreaks ver 1.2 boards are fine. However you must short the 20k "Level Shifters" or remove and jumper them. However it is recommended to use the Cold Tears board and drivers for the Itead/Sainsmart display. Faster displays because of optimization in the drivers and even faster when the recommended Cold Tears (IMO Pricey) displays are used but from all accounts worth it.