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Title: LED Tetris Tie
Post by: Bill on June 22, 2013, 03:25:45 pm


I'm really impressed with the DigiStump folks after finally using one of my DigiSpark (from KS) for a project. They are one of the few groups to run on KS that realized they weren't just selling bits of hardware, but a software solution to go with it. The integration with the Arduino IDE and codesphere is extremely seamless, and enabled me to make this project in about 4 hours from idea to implementation. Anyway, for your enjoyment, LED TetrisTie! Uses a Digispark and 80 WS2811 pixel LEDs.



More details and code is HERE (http://www.billporter.info/2013/06/21/led-tetris-tie/) Had some issues with RAM management as the original Tetris engine ran on a full Arduino and had some more features. Code is yuck at the moment (but posted) and I plan to improve it with time.
Title: Re: LED Tetris Tie
Post by: digistump on June 24, 2013, 06:50:45 pm
@Bill - looks like this was caught in the spam filter for a few days - sorry about that. Awesome project! I'm glad you enjoyed working with the Digispark - I'm a frequent reader of your blog myself - congrats on the marriage!

Do you mind if we feature this on the homepage as the project of the week soon?

Title: Re: LED Tetris Tie
Post by: Bill on June 24, 2013, 06:54:46 pm

Feel free! And thanks for making a great product. Also thanks on the wedding. Wish I had the Digisparks before our big day, would have been easier then the Lilytinys and about the same price.